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Wallpaper – How to get it right

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Wallpaper used to be one those words that conjured up images of bad striped 1970s interiors or overly frilly flowers adorning the walls of far from chic homes. Today however, there a huge range of top quality, stylish papers to choose from. So go be bold, but stick to the basics and you can make a huge different to a bland space.

If you are looking to add a little wow factor to a boring white room, don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone a little and be bold. Be quirky and little outside the box and choose a pattern that creates vibrancy and atmosphere in the room, rather than going at it half committed and choosing a bland pattern out of fear.

If you  are having trouble deciding on a new colour pallet for a room or your entire home, choosing a wallpaper you love first can be a good way to inform the other colours you choose. If the wallpaper is quite busy and has many colours, try to pick a few key colours rather than trying to use all of them. This will give you a much more refined end result.

Remember to pick patterns that suit the room. For instance, choose bright patterns for a childs room, and more moody, atmospheric styles for bedrooms. As a general rule, steer clear of papers that attempt to mimic natural textures like stone or timber – no one will be fooled, its not timber, and never will be!

Also, bare in mind the scale of the room when choosing papers. If a pattern is very intricate and layered, it may need to be seen from a fair distance to give the full impact so using it in a confined space may not be a wise choice.

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