Tiles or timber Floors – You decide

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Tiles or timber Floors – You decide

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Flooring can make or break the look and ambience of a home. Most commonly today the choice invariably comes down to timber or tiles. But which is better? Well it obviously comes down to personal taste but lets weigh up the pros and cons of each.

Firstly, timber, who can argue with the warmth and natural look of a solid timber floor. It’s timeless appeal sees it age gracefully and not date as quickly as tiles can. With so many types of timber in all shades of colour tones, there is really something for everyone, from contemporary to traditional, recycled to hyper modern.

Timber is soft under foot and retains heat superbly in colder climates. Its great looks will last a long time and it can be sanded back a few times to look brand new again. On the negative, it is one of the more expensive flooring types and does need ongoing maintenance and cleaning to make it look its best. It can also be noisy to walk on and may creak until it is completely settled. It can also scratch and its colour may change over time. Timber is also hydroscopic meaning it attracts and absorbs water from the air, making not the best choice for very humid climates.

Tiles on the other hand are very low maintenance and once installed correctly, basically don’t need any attention for many years. They are also great for people with allergies or pets as they are easy to clean and don’t collect too much dust. Tiles have great thermal mass too, meaning that if used correctly they will help to keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer.

Make sure that you choose a tile that is timeless in style, as tiles can date quite quickly and are difficult to change. Also consider the colour of the grout as this gets dirty quickly on floor tiles and is hard to clean. There is a trend at the moment to use colourful grout to actually draw attention to the grout and though the idea of having yellow grout may not appeal to everyone, it does look really good if done well.

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