The Kitchen Sink that suits you

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The Kitchen Sink that suits you

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If you are in the process of planning a new kitchen you will most likely already have an idea of the type of sink you are after. However, you need to go a bit deeper that the looks, and consider the way you wash up, cook and clean to ensure you get the most out of your sink for many years to come. Lets look at the types of sinks on offer.

Farmhouse sinks are becoming more and more popular to add a rustic character to the kitchen. They can be set level with the benchtop or offset below. If you have your heart set on timber bench top, make sure you mount the sink above the bench level to avoid water damage. Generally, they made from white porcelain which can be pain keep looking clean. They are also quite large which will take a lot of water to fill up so be aware of this if you rely on tank water.

For longevity and all round toughness, you can’t really go past a stainless steel sink. There is a reason that commercial kitchens use primarily stainless steel – it’s strong, hygienic and will last and eternity. Look for a nice square sink as this can be more easily sealed around the edges to prevent water damage.

There are some newer materials on the market now also. These include black composite granite which look great in kitchens that use primarily black appliances. The sinks are made up of about eighty percent quartz, making them heat and stain resistant while inhibiting around ninety five percent of bacterial growth. Using toughened glass for drainage boards in combination with a stainless steel bowl can also give a sleek modern look.

If your budget will allow, you can also go for an integrated benchtop and sink. Some high end bench top manufacturers are offering the choice to mould the sink directly into the bench to, giving a sleek look.

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