The ins and outs of backyard rooms

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The ins and outs of backyard rooms

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With space becoming more and more of a premium, people are looking for ways to squeeze more liveable space out their plot. One great way to do this is to build an outdoor room/cabana/studio that some might call a glorified shed.

Adding an outdoor room can have many purposes. Maybe you need a separate place to work that lets you lock the door at the end of the day and wonder inside the main house without bringing work home with you. Maybe you just want to get away from it all and have some “me-time” in the garden without being distracted. Or maybe its just time to finally indulge that passion for print making you have always had but never had the room to pursue. Whatever the reason there are great options ranging from fully custom designed and built solutions to modular pre-fab or completely built drop in options.

It’s worth spending some time and effort creating a space that is both functional and beautiful. Depending on your project, and the space you have to work with, consider creating an indoor -outdoor option to the new room. This can be elegantly done using an accordion style door or sliding door to fully open the space to the natural elements. Brio is well renowned company when it comes to sliding doors and bifold doors with showrooms across the UK. Their doors can be customised to suit small openings such as in a backyard rooms and come a range of finishes and colours. They all use the highest grade stainless in all door hardware so you can be sure they will last a long time and work flawlessly.

Whether or not you need council approval depends on the local council building regulations and the size and scope of your proposed structure. In most cases you won’t actually need approval as long as the structure is less than twenty square meters in total. The dwelling can’t be any closer than 900mm from a boundary or be taller than 3 meters.

Don’t forget to keep the basics of building in mind when designing your dwelling. Look for a good location that faces the right way in terms of solar orientation and has good drainage. Also, try to avoid building directly beneath a large tree – for the primary reason of branches dropping and also the possibility of roots interfering with the foundations of the build.

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