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Servery Windows – Make entertaining easy

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Back in the good old days, servery style windows where used primarily to hide away clutter from any guests and for personal cooks and waiters to easily deliver food to formal dining rooms. However, these days servery windows have made big comeback but used in different way.

With open plan living becoming the norm, and more and more people wanting a connection to the outdoors, bifolding windows and doors are a good way to make it happen. With both men and women cooking these days and the formal dining room becoming as rare as the white rhino, we want to spend as much time our families and cook and serve food efficiently. Servery windows allow us to do all this with elegance and style.

Brio is a great company to look at when searching for the perfect servery window. They make a huge range of quality folding windows and bifold doors that can be customised to suit all styles of kitchens. Their sliding door tracks are some of the best in the business using only quality stainless steel hardware and bearings.

If you are going to include bar seats at your servery window, make sure the window is wide enough to let people sit comfortable. You should allow about 750mm of space for a person to sit, to avoid elbow clashes and knee bumps.

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