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Paint it Black

On August 15, 2016, Posted by , in Interiors, With Comments Off on Paint it Black

The rolling stones were right..maybe. Black is one of those colours that seems to never go out of fashion. However as far as walls go, painting an entire wall black is still a fairly new trend in interior design. I share some of my ideas on what to pair this inky hue with to really let it’s cool shine through.

Black works well with most colours to be honest, but pairing it with lighter grey tones can really lift the black wall and create layers of moody, rich colour from which to bounce accents like warm metallics. Brass and copper matched with black, is a combination made in heaven with both possessing a richness and inherent weight that work well to warm the dark black.

While bright red or orange combined with black has a definite retro feel, teaming black with more organic red such as those found in traditional middle eastern rugs is sure fire winner. Consider warm muted reds and browns used in furniture, cushions or vintage books to give your room colour.

Black and white also are a great combination that dates very slowly. White furniture really pops when set against a black wall and looks very elegant indeed. I have seen some very clever uses of black bookshelves with white books facing outwards to make a functional modern art installation. Add some lush green foliage in a vase to prevent the room becoming too sombre.

Texture is important to any room, so try painting exposed bricks black to give a great effect. Add in some bright yellow accents in form of some bar stools or cushions to give a highly contemporary, designer vibe. Consider also adding reflective objects like mirrors, acrylic chairs or large glass vases to take the edge off black and allow light to bounce around the room.

Timber is most of its forms works brilliantly with black walls. Pair it with light beech wood or pine to give a modern edge or tone it back by using dark antique timbers or oriental furniture. Timber kitchens can look fantastic if paired with dark hues, making the timber really pop and adding a bit of modern glamour.

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