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Kitchen Problems Solved

On October 6, 2016, Posted by , in Renovating, With Comments Off on Kitchen Problems Solved

So you’ve splashed out and gone and got yourself a new kitchen. But all is not well and you soon notice a few issues with your shiny new workspace. Here are some common problems and ways to overcome them.

Problem: Your kitchen is a bit boring and same same looking.
Solution: Don’t despair, if you have chosen a sleek modern kitchen lacking a little character, spruce it up by adding vintage and second hand furniture, timber, artwork and your personal bits and pieces. Pot plants or wall hangings can also be great to provide a bit of vibrancy. Consider painting an old cupboard to house your serving ware and tableware or adding a textured rug.

Problem: Not enough natural light

Solution: This can really hamper the enjoyment you get from your new kitchen. Adding a skylight can work wonders here, especially if added directly over the main working area. Why not go one step further and add some servery windows or glass folding doors. Just be sure to use the correct door hardware as water and steam can damage frames and hardware over the long term. Brio make some of the best door hardware for bifold doors that can stand up to the rigours of kitchen use.

Problem: Your kitchen looked stunning when first installed and now real life has taken over and mess and clutter are taking over

Solution: Yes real life is unfortunately messy, unorganised and has a whole lot of bits pieces that we need to use but clutter our space. Think about exactly how you use your kitchen – not how would like to use your kitchen. If you only use that fancy blender once a week, does it really need to take up prime position on the bench top? Could you store it in a cupboard and take it out when you need to? All the little things add up to give you more space and less clutter, so prioritise what is visible at all times in your kitchen and what is not.

Problem: You fell in love with your splashback in the showroom, but it’s a pain to keep clean and looks dirty now

Solution: Don’t go for tiles unless you really need to. Frosted glass and smooth splashbacks are super popular as they easy to wipe down. Grout is a pain to keep clean, if you have your heart set on tiles, opt for grout that matches the tiles – grey tiles + grey grout etc, as light grout will look dirty very quickly in a kitchen environment.

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