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Doors to brighten a room

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Doors can be more than simply a necessary items in your home. They can really add sparkle and interest to any room if care is taken in choosing the right door or updating the existing doors. Read on as I look at all how you can transform your home with little effort to give your interior a good facelift.

If you have currently have white interior doors and are finding your house just needs a bit of jazzing up, consider painting your doors. You can either go for the sleek sophistication of timeless black, or a more vibrant bright colour palette to bring some energy to your rooms. The colour choices are virtually endless and really depend on your personal preference and interior d├ęcor. I really like burnt orange and red for entrance doors if your home is otherwise lacking in colour, or teals and aqua for homes close to the coast for a beachy relaxed vibe.

Laundries and powder rooms are an easy spot to go a little leftfield when it comes to colour. These are often dull, utilitarian spaces that can use a good design kick to give them some energy. Consider bold stripes on the door and continue the theme in the laundry interior. Maybe use spots or go crazy with some funky wallpaper to transform from the ordinary to the extraordinary with minimal cost.

Doors do not need to be solid structures that stop natural light. Consider replacing interior doors with glass doors to give your interior a sense of increased space and light. Mixing timber and glass or glass and black frames can look stunning. Adding folding glass doors can also be a great way of dividing large open plan spaces into more cozy areas. Take a look at Brio for a big selection of both interior and exterior folding doors in timber and glass.

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