A pergola for both your houses

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A pergola for both your houses

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A pergola can be a great addition to any home, providing the indoor outdoor living many of us long for. There are so many options these days to suit all budgets and tastes. Create a versatile space no matter rain hail or shine.

Though transparent glass is a great option for any pergola, it pays to keep in mind all seasons and weather conditions. It can get very hot under a large expanse of glass which will make it uncomfortable for you.  To combat this, consider using only smaller areas of glass in the roof or install a remote controlled retractable awning. Overhead fans can be another good option to keep the air circulating under roof.

A cheaper alternative to glass is transparent plastic sheeting, which sounds tacky, but when paired with a dark or black timber frame can look very contemporary at a fraction of the cost of glass. To keep harsh rays at bay, choose a tinted version or again use transparent panels rather than the full roof. If you have overhanging trees, plastic is a good option in case of falling tree branches also.

If you are not too concerned about protecting your outdoor area from the rain, plants work great as a roof covering. In cooler climates go for deciduous options such as wisteria or grape vines that will protect from sun in summer and let you warm up in winter. In warmer climates go for evergreen climbers like jasmine that shade and look green all year round.

Battens or slats are a good option also if shade is your main concern. It’s super stylish if done correctly. The battens are angled at a specific angle to let in sun at certain times of the day and keep it out when at its hottest. If you are clever you can also use timber battens to disguise a cheap roofing material and make it look a million dollars.

Adding metal elements such as laser cut screens can really add to the overall design and provide additional shade without blocking too much natural light. Some architects also use metal cladding to give an industrial look. Copper is great as it weathers beautifully, but be warned, it’s not cheap. Also be aware that if large areas of metal are exposed to the sun for long periods of the day, they will get very hot apart from being a burn hazard, will retain heat for quite some time at night elevating the ambient temperature around the house.

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